Note, the Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Coalition structure outline below was informally established prior to 2015. A revised structure will be posted shortly.

Composition of the Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition (TMSC)

The TMSC is composed of anyone who is interested in motorcycle safety in Texas. The Coalition and its individual members make a concentrated effort to encourage representatives from a diverse set of stakeholders to become involved in the TMSC and its activities. The Coalition should include, bit be limited to, the following disciplines or backgrounds:

  • Independent riders
  • Rider coaches/trainers
  • Rider groups/clubs
  • Motorcycle dealers and trade organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical community
  • Transportation engineering
  • Insurance industry
  • Driver education
  • Transportation researchers
  • Military representation
  • Advocacy groups
  • Transportation safety professionals

Composition of the TMSC Board

The TMSC Board will be composed, at a minimum, of the following officers:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary (TTI staff resource)
  • TxDOT Motorcycle Safety Program Manager
  • TTI-CTS Motorcycle Safety Program Manager or Representative
  • Individuals representing rider interests and/or chairpersons of TMSC standing or ad hoc committees (up to 5 members)

Terms of services for Coalition Board members shall be at a minimum of one year. Members of the TMSC Board are expected to represent the board and the interests of riders, dealers, enforcement, training, motorists, and others concerned about motorcycle safety in Texas.

The responsibilities of the TMSC Board may include:

  • Review and approval of requests from other organizations to co-sponsor meetings;
  • Review and approval of recommendations from standing and/or ad hoc committees on subject matter interests;
  • Selection of TMSC standing and ad hoc committees as well as their members and chairpersons;
  • Assisting TTI and TxDOT with planning and conducting the annual Texas Motorcycle Forum;
  • Assisting TTI and TxDOT with conducting outreach events to riders and motorists.

All TMSC board members will be elected with the exception of the secretary (TTI staff member), TxDOT Motorcycle Safety Program Manager, and TTI Motorcycle Safety Project Manager. TMSC Board Officers are Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. 

Elected members will require a vote by all TMSC members present at the designated meeting. Indication off the intent to elect any new board members will be provided to the TMSC membership electronically through a “save-the-date” notification. This intent will be provided to the TMSC membership at least one month prior to the planned meeting of the coalition.

TMSC Board and Officers

There will be a chair and vice chair elected to lead the coalition. The chair and the vice chair will be elected to these positions based on the majority vote of the members of the presented at the meeting designated for the election of officers.

Responsibilities of TMSC Board Members and Committee Chairs:


  • Act as a representative of the TMSC, subject to the direction of the members.
  • Perform function designated by the board and/members.
  • Delegate responsibilities to the vice chair with the approval of the TMSC.

Vice Chair

The vice chair will serve in the chair’s absence and will have responsibilities assigned to them by the chair or the TMSC board.


The TMSC secretary will be a semi-permanent member of the board. Since the TMSC is a volunteer organization, members will have various levels of participation based on their personal responsibilities. By using a TTI staff member act as the coalition secretary, the coalition will be able to maintain consistency within the organization from year to year. The secretary will schedule and announce meetings based on input from the TMSC chair, maintain roster of coalition members, record and maintain minutes from coalition meetings, as well as attend to other tasks as required by the TMSC. The TMSC secretary will be considered the custodian of records for the coalition.

As long as TTI-CTS has a grant that provides for technical support to the TMSC as part of a TxDOT grant, TTI-CTS will provide a qualified TTI-CTS staff person will serve as the secretary for the TMSC.

TMSC Committees

The Coalition Board may create one or more committees (standing and/or ad hoc), each consisting of three or more members to serve at the discretion of the Board. Such committees may be designated and appointed by a resolution adopted by a majority of the voting members present a Coalition and or Board meeting. Otherwise, the Board will appoint members to the committees and appoint a committee chair from among the committee members. No member should concurrently serve as the chair of more than one committee. The TMSC Chair may serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

Legislative Committee (Standing) – The Legislative Committee will review issues related to statues and policies that are related to motorcycle safety. This is a standing committee, but it is more active in immediately prior to and during the legislation.

Safety Awareness and Education Committee (Standing) – The Safety Awareness and Education Committee works on to create, advise, and assist in communicating safety and education messages to riders and motorists. This committee is an integral part of informing the outreach efforts of the statewide public information and education campaigns for motorists and motorcyclists alike.

Research Committee (Standing) – The Research Committee works with and advises stakeholders and traffic safety research professions in the area of motorcycle riding and practical practices.

Rider Training and Instructors Committee (Standing) – The Rider Training and Instructor Committee provides insight and direction on the issues facing rider training as well as instructor challenges and continuing education.

Nominations Committee (Ad Hoc) – The Nominations Committee will be formed when the TMSC officers need to be elected to serve on the Coalition Board. The Nominations Committee

Other Ad Hoc Committees will be created as required and will remain in the status as long as appropriate to address the specific need and/or issue.

Committee Chairs

Committee chairs will have specific responsibilities will be based on the function of the committee and the TMSC board. Officers may serve as committee chairmen if necessary.

The standing committees are intended to function on a long term basis or have a mission to address issues that are continual. Ad hoc committees are active on a short term basis and focus on specific issues that are not continual in nature.

Evaluation and Progress of Committees

Progress towards accomplishing the objectives of the Coalition Board should be assessed using both long and short term measures. Coalition committees will report progress to the Coalition Board as directed by the Coalition Board. These reports should identify the specific objectives of the committee, the milestones and progress of the committee’s efforts, and the standing in relation to the milestones met or sought to be met. Committee reports and/or minutes will be forwarded to the Coalition Chair via email in order to maintain appropriate TMSC records.