The TSMSC was initiated in 2008 as a mechanism by which key multidisciplinary motorcycle safety stakeholders from, for example, the rider, training, group, club, enforcement, medical, and engineering communities, could meet to discuss and address motorcycle rider safety issues.

The TSMSC now represents more than 400 members from a diverse range of backgrounds, organizations, and positions who are focused on eliminating rider fatalities and serious injuries. The TSMSC is inclusive…anyone wishing to improve rider safety is welcome to contribute. Specific stakeholders include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Independent riders
  • Rider coaches/trainers
  • Rider groups/clubs
  • Motorcycle dealers and trade organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical/EMS community
  • Transportation engineering
  • Roadway engineering
  • Judges/prosecutors
  • Insurance industry
  • Rider education/training
  • Transportation researchers
  • Advocacy groups
  • Transportation safety professionals

The TSMSC is currently supported by a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation as part of a highway safety grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The TMSC is also supported by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Center for Transportation Safety (TTI-CTS).

The central purpose of the TSMSC is to reduce/eliminate rider fatalities and suspected serious injuries. To achieve this purpose, the TSMSC uses data-driven techniques to lead or participate in the following activities:

  • Advise TxDOT and their subgrantees/contractors on ways to raise motorist awareness to improve motorcyclist safety. 
  • Advise TxDOT and their subgrantees/contractors on ways to raise motorcyclist awareness to improve motorcyclist safety.
  • Advise TxDOT of needed motorcycle safety activities and research initiatives.
  • Identify, develop, and support motorcycle safety education and outreach initiatives (e.g., best practices, innovative solutions, recommendations to TxDOT).
  • Support and enhance information exchange between stakeholders.
  • Develop alliances for the purposes of expanding motorcycle safety statewide.
  • To hold regular meetings.
  • Create sustainability for the TSMSC.
  • To support the development and conduct of the annual Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Forum.
  • To support the development and dissemination of the Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Action Plan.

Given that the TSMSC is supported by TxDOT and TTI funding, all TSMSC activities must focus on improving rider safety through education and outreach without political advocacy.