TxDOT Offers On-Site Motorcycle Safety Presentations

Want your motorcycle club or group members to be safer when riding and reduce the potential for deadly crashes?

Riding motorcycles involves an element of risk. Contributing to the danger is a lack of knowledge amongst riders of what the real risks are and the strategies they can use to avoid crashes. Through the efforts of the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, motorcycle crashes have been extensively researched and that research shows that most can be avoided by the actions of a knowledgeable and skillful rider, but we need to share this information to reduce crashes.

TxDOT offers a free on-site presentation of this valuable and life-saving information to your club or group as part of on-going rider safety efforts. For further information or to schedule a presentation, please contact:

Jude Schexnyder
Motorcycle Safety Program Manager
(512) 832-7035
Email: jude.schexnyder@txdot.gov

Let’s all work together to stay riding safe.

Share the Road | Tips for Motorists

Look Before a Left, the Right Way

Most motorcycle-vehicle crashes happen when a driver turns left in front of the rider. Drivers often don’t see the rider, or if they do, they misjudge the rider’s speed or distance. Motorcycles can move fast and are often hard to spot. When turning left, especially at intersections, always double-check the cross traffic.

Share the Road

It’s true that a motorcycle takes up less space in the lane. But remember, whether passing a motorcycle or following one in your lane, the rider requires the same amount of reaction time you do. Give a motorcycle the same space you’d give any other vehicle. Don’t tailgate — give motorcycles a four-second following distance.

Avoid Riders in Your Blind Spot

Motorcycles present a narrow profile, and they can wind up in your blind spot in a hurry. Being aware of your surroundings—and all the vehicles around you—will improve safety for everyone on the road.




TMSC Meeting Minutes | November 16, 2017

The Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition met on November 16 to discuss a number of items. Highlights include:

  • Legislative Update
  • FHWA Instrastructure-Based Motorcycle Crash Countermeasures Project
  • TTI Motorcycle Mapping Project
  • Comprehensive Motorcycle Crash Analysis Feedback
  • Motorcycle Registration Dedicated Funding Discussion
  • Open Discussion & Adjourn

The meeting minutes are now available to download.

The TMSC serves as a public forum for addressing strategies to improve motorcycle safety; discusses effective programs, regulations, and other opportunities to improve motorcycle safety; reviews, proposes, and makes recommendations concerning motorcycle-related legislation; and serves to promote rider safety and inform the public about being aware of motorcycles and sharing the road safely.

Find minutes from other meetings here.

Calling All Riders | Take Our Motorcycles In Work Zones Survey

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) is looking for Texas motorcycle riders aged 18 and older to participate in a short survey about motorcycle safety in roadway work zones. The survey is online at https://tti.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0BuLSWCdoB8mA1n and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Your responses will be confidential. Thank you for your help!



Check Out the New Routes Section of LookLearnLive

We recently added a section to our website! Click on Routes in the main navigation to check it out! This interactive map of Texas shows where motorcycle crashes have occurred along popular riding routes. While there are many online resources that also plot popular riding routes, few – if any of them – include a safety component. It is our hope that this website will aid riders as they plan their riding routes around the State.

By selecting one of these routes, you can learn more information about the route, including where motorcycle crashes have occurred, factors that contributed to these crashes, and riding and safety tips. By creating a user account, you can suggest routes, add route ratings, and share your own photos and videos. Your input is what will make this website a useful and meaningful tool for other riders.

For more information or questions, please contact Paige Ericson-Graber at p-ericson@tti.tamu.edu.