In 2021, motorcycle crashes took the lives of 516 riders and passengers in Texas.

The Problem in Texas

In 2021, motorcycle crashes took the lives of 516 riders and passengers in Texas. Of these, 284 (55%) motorcycle operators did not have a motorcycle endorsement or license, known as a Class M, at the time of the crash.

Unlicensed riders accounted for 55% of motorcycle operator fatalities in Texas in 2021.


The mission of Look Learn Live is to reduce the number of rider fatalities and serious injuries. This is achieved through the conduct of outreach activities to educate riders and motorists about motorcyclist safety in an effort to change attitudes and behaviors, thus increasing safety for riders.

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There are several easy ways to help improve rider safety through Look Learn Live.

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Join our Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Coalition (TMSC). The TMSC serves as an open public forum for addressing strategies to improve rider safety. The Coalition meetings are held four times per year. Activities include identifying and discussing effective programs, regulations, and other opportunities to improve rider safety; reviewing, proposing, and making recommendations concerning motorcyclist-related legislation, projects, and activities; and serving to promote rider safety and inform the public about being aware of motorcycles and sharing the road safely.

Attend the annual Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Forum. The Forum meets each year to bring together anyone interested in motorcycling and motorcycle safety to discuss opportunities and initiatives to reduce the likelihood of motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities to riders in Texas. The Forum favors hands on learning and is focused on providing critical information to riders themselves.


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