Quarterly Meetings: The TMSC shall meet quarterly at a time and location specified the Administrator with input from the TMSC.

Notice: Notice of each TMSC meeting shall be provided at least 1.5 months in advance by email from the Administrator to the Chair, Task Force Members, and Members.

Location: Meetings shall be held at a location chosen by the Co-Facilitators and Task Force (TF) Members with due consideration given to the convenience of all potential attendees. This may include in-person, conference call, or internet conference calls as possible examples.

Minutes: The Administrator shall record, maintain, post, and distribute meeting minutes, including a record of Members present. The Administrator shall post and distribute meeting materials within two weeks of each meeting.

Planning: The TMSC and Task Force Members will serve as a resource and provide logistical support for meeting location, preparation, notice, and minutes.

Attendance/Inactivity: TF Members are expected to attend the quarterly meetings. In the event a TF Member is unable to attend a meeting, a substitute may be sent in their place; however, the TF Member will be considered absent from the meeting. TF Members who are absent from three consecutive meetings, regardless of fiscal year, shall be considered inactive and can have their TF membership revoked by the Co-Facilitators.

After each missed meeting, the Administrator shall notify absent TF Members about the attendance policy. The Administrator shall re-notify TF Members who missed the previous meeting about the attendance policy.

Meeting Structure: The quarterly TMSC meetings shall be an opportunity for TMSC Members to achieve the mission and purpose of the TMSC. This will include information exchange between TMSC Members, the conduct of activities by the TF Members. The meetings should include regular updates from the TF members to the TMSC Members.

Parliamentary Authority: The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, current edition, shall govern the TMSC meetings in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws.