Note, the following are the Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Coalition Guidelines were developed prior to 2015. No bylaws exist currently; however, Updated bylaws will be posted shortly.

TMSC Meetings

Annual TMSC Meeting

The annual Texas Motorcycle Forum will be considered the TMSC Annual Meeting, but the forum will not be restricted to coalition member only. The forum will be marketed to all riders and traffic safety stakeholders.

TMSC Board Meetings

The TMSC Board meetings should meet a minimum of twice a year, of which will be at the annual Motorcycle Safety Forum or at the call of the Chair at a place designated by the Chair upon responsible notice. Any time a group of TMSC members formally petition the Chair for a meeting of the TMSC, the Chair will call a meeting in accordance with these provisions. A conference call, web and/or video conference may constitute a meeting of the TMSC Board and shall require a 48-hour notice.

Notice of TMSC Meetings

Written notice of each regular or specially called meeting will be sent via email to all TMSC members no less than one month prior to the meeting. Communication of the notice of a TMSC general meeting will be sent from the TMSC secretary. An agenda and any supporting documentation will be sent to those members who have confirmed their attendance at the TMSC meeting.

Meeting Minutes

The Chair shall ensure that minutes of the proceedings of every Coalition meeting are recorded and posted to the website. Minutes from the previous meeting may also be forwarded to the TMSC members as art of future meeting announcements.

Coalition Communications

Communications from the TMSC to other individuals, organizations, or the public will be signed by the Coalition Chair after each member of the TMSC Board have reviewed and approved the communication. If any member of the Board objects to the communication, a conference call will be held with the Board members to revise the communication and reach a conce3nsus prior to it being released. If there is no objection to the communication, it will be assumed that it can be released by the Coalition Chair. All official communications from the TMSC to external entities as well as broad based internal communications will be distributed by the TMSC secretary.

Urgent Official Coalition Communications

Should the Chair determine a need for urgent communication from the Coalition to other individuals, organizations, or the public, the communication must be approved in advance by a majority of members of the Coalition Board. After such communication is issued, all Coalition members shall receive copies of the correspondence as soon as possible via email.