TMSC Meeting Minutes | December 8, 2016

The Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition met on December 8 to discuss a number of items. Highlights included:

  • Texas is poised to have a decrease in fatal motorcycle crashes
  • TTI is developing an interactive online map of popular motorcycle roads
  • Indiana ABATE’s Jay Jackson and Total Control’s Lee Parks identified as potential speakers for the Statewide Motorcycle Safety Forum
  • Motorcycle riding clubs and groups have great success in adopting new ways to maintain safety
  • TTI researchers have published a comprehensive motorcycle crash analysis, detailing factors and details of crashes around Texas

The minutes are now available to download.

The TMSC serves as a public forum for addressing strategies to improve motorcycle safety; discusses effective programs, regulations, and other opportunities to improve motorcycle safety; reviews, proposes, and makes recommendations concerning motorcycle-related legislation; and serves to promote rider safety and inform the public about being aware of motorcycles and sharing the road safely.

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