2016 Motorcycle Safety Forum Pictures Posted

Safety advocates gathered May 20 in Austin, Texas, at the Motorcycle Safety Forum to discuss opportunities and initiatives to reduce the likelihood of motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities in Texas.

This year’s Forum included the following presentations:

Texas Motorcyclist Safety Activities Overview
Daniel Jeffries, Traffic Safety Section, TxDOT

Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition Update
Chris Beireis, Chair, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition

Analysis of Motorcyclist Safety Data in Texas
Eva Shipp, Crash Analysis Program, CTS, TTI

National Motorcyclist Safety Research
Introduction, Kenneth Copeland, NHTSA
Bill Schneider, University of Akron

Keynote Session – Texas Legislative Activities and Motorcyclist Safety
Kirk Watson, State Senator, Texas District 14

Research on Roadside Safety Devices
Chiara, Silvestri-Dobrovolny, Roadside Safety, TTI

DPS / Motorcycle Safety Unit Update
John Young, Texas Department of Public Safety

Safety Issues Identification for the Texas Motorcycle Strategic Action Plan Paige Ericson-Graber, Center for Alcohol and Drug Education Studies, CTS, TTI

Photos from the Forum

If you’d like high resolution versions of the photos, please email Sam.