Materials available for rider course and driver instructors

New information cards aimed to educate motorcyclists and motorists on safe driving are available from The cards educate both motorists and motorcyclists in several different areas, including road awareness, impaired driving and taking the motorcycle safety course.

Look Twice for Motorcycles encourages drivers to:

  • Look for motorcycles before turning or changing lanes.  Their small size makes them difficult to see and they can be in your blind spot.
  • Allow motorcyclists a four-second following distance.  Sometimes road conditions force motorcyclists to slow down or change lanes quickly.
  • Don’t crowd motorcycles, give them a full lane width and anticipate evasive actions.

Drink. Ride. Lose. educates drivers on the following:

  • Impairment starts with the first drink.  Even a blood alcohol concentration of .01 to .04 impairs reasoning, decreases inhibitions and increases a sense of “false” confidence.
  • The legal limit of .08 severely limits all skills needed to ride safely.
  • First time impaired driving offenders could receive jail time, a $2,000 fine and a license suspension.

Take the Time. Take The Course gives more information on motorcycle instruction, such as:

  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse is required for obtaining a license to ride in Texas.
  • The Course includes five hours of MSF RiderCoach-led discussions and 10 hours of on-motorcycle instruction.
  • The Course covers everything from what to wear to how to maneuver your motorcycle in tough situations.
  • Graduates of the program could be eligible for insurance discounts.

For more information on motorcycle safety, visit or call 1-800-292-5787.