Look Learn Live at the Lone Star Rally

photoLook Learn Live’s first year hosting a booth at the Lone Star Rally proved a success, but only after torrential rains on Thursday cleared way for the glorious weekend. Some media outlets estimate 500,000 rally goers attended. The motorcycle safety team had the opportunity to meet and talk motorcycle safety with hundreds of those riders at the annual Lone Star Rally this past week in Galveston.

Most of the booth visitors had their Class M license and had taken the basic motorcycle safety rider course, but a few lacked their credentials. The team worked to get the word out about why it’s important to take the course and get a Class M license. Reason one taking the course and getting your license is important is – safety – your safety and the safety of motorists on the road. Second, there are fines and consequences to riding without a license, just like driving a car. Your bike could be impounded until your provide proof of license and insurance – no one wants that.

A few riders we talked to were also interested in going to the next level and inquired about becoming a rider coach. All the information you need can be found here: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/msb/applications.htm on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website.

Items shared with rally attendees at this year’s event were:

  • TextTalkCrash/Save a Life pencils and trunk magnets
  • Drink.Ride.Lose./Save a Life cozies
  • Ride Safe/Save a Life key ring flashlights
  • Take the Course Brochures