Do you know where most motorcycle crashes happen?

where do most motorcycle crashes happenWhere do most motorcycle crashes occur? At an intersection or a non-intersection? How do other passenger vehicles fit into the equation?

  • 3112 motorcycle crashes happened at an intersection
  • 2106 motorcycle crashes happened at an intersection and involved a passenger vehicle
  • 2233 motorcycle crashes happened at a a non-intersection and involved a passenger vehicle
  • 5434 motorcycle crashes happened at an non-intersection

If you’re a motorist, keep these helpful tips in mind

  • When turning left, especially at intersections, always double-check the cross traffic.
  • Give a motorcycle the same space you’d give any other vehicle. Don’t tailgate—give motorcycles a four-second following distance.
  • Avoid Riders in Your Blind Spot. Being aware of your surroundings—and all the vehicles around you—will improve safety for everyone on the road.

If you’re a motorcyclist, keep these helpful tips in mind

  • Be seen – wear bright-colored clothing, turn on your headlight during the daytime and signal your intentions.
  • Actively scan your surroundings so you are aware of what’s going on nearby.
  • Ride smart, not impaired.

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Intersection vs. Non-Intersection Crashes (EnglishSpanish)