Fatal motorcycle crashes graphic

fatal-comparison-englishLast year, motorcycle fatalities went up 5 percent in Texas – from 470 in 2012 to 494 in 2013.

Ways to save lives with your eyes

Drivers often don’t see the rider, or if they do, they misjudge the rider’s speed or distance. Motorcycles can move fast and are often hard to spot. When turning left, especially at intersections, always double-check the cross traffic.

Share the Road

It’s true that a motorcycle takes up less space in the lane. But remember, whether passing a motorcycle or following one in your lane, the rider requires the same amount of reaction time you do. Give a motorcycle the same space you’d give any other vehicle. Don’t tailgate — give motorcycles a four-second following distance.

Avoid riders in your blind spot

Motorcycles present a narrow profile, and they can wind up in your blind spot in a hurry. Being aware of your surroundings — and all the vehicles around you — will improve safety for everyone on the road.

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Fatal Motorcycle Crashes (English)

Fatal Motorcycle Crashes (Spanish)