Motorcycle Safety Forum Video Series – Do You See Me Now?

Motorcycle safety advocates gathered on February 25, for the eighth annual Motorcycle Safety Forum. This year’s forum was held at the Emergency Services Education Center in Waco, Texas.

Check out Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program Coordinator Terri Benezet’s presentation – Do You See Me Now?

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  1. Jules Frapart says

    I hear what Terri Benezet is saying but she really isn’t listening to what TXDOT or any of the others are saying. I think Terri Benezet and her organization could be a great asset to what is going on know but they need to join forces. Scooter is a great idea for the young kids but we also need to get to the 16-30 year old drivers that are texting and talking on cell phones while driving. They don’t understand the danger!