Look Learn Live

Look Learn Live is a Texas statewide motorcycle safety and awareness campaign developed by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for the Texas Department of Transportation as part of a grant from that state agency. The campaign is intended to conducts public education and outreach activities to educate riders and motorists about motorcycle safety in an effort to change attitudes and behaviors. The goal is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and the number of rider fatalities and injuries on Texas roadways.

Look Learn Live education and outreach activities are informed by key motorcycle safety stakeholders across Texas and include:

  • The Texas Department of Transportation
  • The Texas Department of Transportation Behavioral Traffic Safety Section
  • The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
  • The Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute Center for Transportation Safety
  • Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents
  • Individual Riders
  • Motorcycle Dealerships
  • Legislatures
  • Cities and Municipalities

If you would like to contribute to this effort, we invite you to become involved. Just simply contact us.


LookLearnLive.org supports the motorcycle safety and awareness campaign. The site provides information to and serves as an information repository for all riders and safety stakeholders interested in improving riding safety. Site administrators regularly update motorcycle safety information as it relates to the campaign, the Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition, and the Texas Motorcycle Safety Forum, and other TXDOT-supported motorcycle safety activities.

Because the site is supported through Texas Department of Transportation funding via source funding provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we cannot post announcements regarding (or advertise for) products, events, or other initiatives not directly approved by either of these agencies.

While we encourage safety across all transportation modes, our primary charter is to promote strategies and best practices related to specifically motorcycling and, most importantly, safety of riders.

Other, related paid-media campaigns like TxDOT’s Motorcycle Safety Campaign: Share the Road—aimed at improving awareness of motorcyclists among motorists/drivers—are conducted by the Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing. Below is a table differentiating TTI’s duties versus what other groups do.

Look Learn Live/TTI does these… What other groups do…
Event Outreach Attends public events (approved in advance by TxDOT) to distribute safety outreach materials developed by TTI, TxDOT, or the TxDOT-sponsored paid media campaigns.Conducts the Texas Motorcycle Safety Forum. Paid media through TV, radio, billboards (Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing).Bring the large inflatable motorcycle to events (Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing).
Online Outreach Maintains the LookLearnLive.org campaign website (content subject to TxDOT approval and website guidelines).Posts on the Look Learn Live Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram feeds (content subject to TxDOT approval and Texas A&M University System social media guidelines).
Coalition ActivitiesCoordinates/facilitates the Texas Statewide Motorcycle Safety Coalition activities in terms of providing meeting space and coordination assistance.
MaterialsMails tip cards and other materials on request (as available and per TxDOT approval).Provides downloadable materials on LookLearnLive.org Produce and distribute “Look Twice” materials as available and approved by TxDOT (Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing).
TrainingConduct motorcycle training courses (e.g., Basic Rider Course, etc.) Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
Data Collection and AnalysisIn-depth analyses of motorcycle crash data.

Surveys or focus groups to collect information on motorcycle rider concerns, decisions, and attitudes regarding safety-related issues (per TxDOT grant funding and approval).