Schexnyder to support motorcycle safety outside of the TMSC

Schexnyder addresses the 2013 Motorcycle Safety Forum.

In December 2015, after more than five years serving as the Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition Chairman, Jude Schexnyder stepped down to support traffic safety as a Texas Department of Transportation Austin-area Traffic Safety Specialist.

In his years as the TMSC Chairman, Schexnyder worked tirelessly with motorcycle riders and safety advocates, as well as Texas Department of Transportation and Texas A&M Transportation Institute employees to create awareness about motorcycle safety and reduce the number of crashes involving motorcycles.

Mike Manser, motorcycle safety project manager says, “We’d like to thank Jude for his invaluable years of service. His work as the TMSC Chairman and collaboration with the TMSC resulted in several significant advances in motorcycle safety in Texas. Jude’s leadership will be greatly missed.”

“The TMSC is important because it is the only motorcycle organization in the state that actively seeks input from all riders, state agencies, police and educators. It really involves everyone,” says Schexnyder. “The diversity of this coalition means we come up with creative solutions to the problems that affect Texas motorcyclists.”

The coalition was established in December 2008 by individuals interested in forming a motorcycle-safety working group to collectively identify action steps to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes, deaths and injuries on Texas roadways.

“I’ve always enjoyed the dynamics of committee work and the TMSC has been my favorite of all. I still remember the meeting where we came to agreement on the issues that were taboo and those issues we could work toward together,” says Schexnyder. “It was the pivotal point where the TMSC began performing.”

The Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition serves as a public forum for addressing strategies to improve motorcycle safety; discusses effective programs, regulations, and other opportunities to improve motorcycle safety; reviews, proposes, and makes recommendations concerning motorcycle-related legislation; and serves to promote rider safety and inform the public about being aware of motorcycles and sharing the road safely.

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