Nominations for TMSC Chairperson Due Feb. 19

Jude Schexnyder has stepped down from his formal leadership role within the Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition.  Therefore, there is a need for elections of a new Chairperson to continue to lead the Coalition.  General responsibilities of the Chair include:

  • Provide input, direction, and leadership to the TMSC regarding motorcyclist safety in Texas.
  • Act as a representative of the TMSC, subject to the direction of the members.
  • Perform functions designated by the board and/members.
  • Delegate responsibilities to the vice chair with the approval of the TMSC.
  • Serve for a minimum of one year.

As per the TMSC Guidelines and agreement of the TMSC members the following process will be followed to elect a new Chair.

  1. The TMSC will be notified of the open Chair position via email and via a post on the Look Learn Live website. Must be emails and posted no earlier than 30 days before election meeting.
  2. Coalition members can then submit nominations and a nomination form to Michael Manser – [email protected] by Feb. 19th.
  3. Michael Manser will gather nominations, verify with nominees they are interested, and then send the final nomination forms to all TMSC members.
  4. Those in attendance at the next TMSC meeting (March 11) will vote for the next Chairperson.  One vote per member in attendance.

If you are interested in nominating someone or would like to nominate yourself, please fill out the nomination form and send to [email protected]. Remember, nominations are due by February 19, 2016.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael at [email protected] or 979/845-1605.