Motorcycle Safety Forum Video Series | Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition Updates

Motorcycle safety advocates gathered on March 24, for the tenth annual Motorcycle Safety Forum.

Check out Keith Rovell’s presentation from the 2015 forum. Keith is the general manager of MRH Rider Training in Houston. He has been an MSF instructor and RiderCoach since 1996, and has taught various courses including BRC, BRC 2, 3WBRC, as well as Level 1 Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic. He has been a member of the TMSC since 2008, and has served as the Coalition’s Vice President since 2013. Keith has ridden all over the lower 48 on various bikes. He is also a member of the Motorcycle Instructors Association of Texas and, since 1985, a member of ABATE of Indiana.

The agenda also featured presentations from:

  • Melissa Walden, Program Manager, CTS, TTI
  • Kenneth Copeland, Regional Program Manager, Region VI, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Michael Manser, Program Manager, Human Factors Program, CTS, TTI
  • Jason Hill, City of Austin
  • Jude Schexnyder, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition
  • SSG William Pendleton, 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army

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