Checking the Fit of Your Motorcycle Helmet – Brochures Available

Gear Up, Texas - Motorcycle HelmetNew brochures, aimed at encouraging the use of proper helmet fit for motorcyclists, are available from the Texas Department of Transportation. Thanks to Ben Spies, a Dallas resident, former three time USA/AMA Superbike Champion, and the FIM 2009 World Superbike Champion, for helping promote the right gear to Texas’ motorcycle riders.

The brochures take you through a step-by-step guide to select a proper helmet, try it on and check the fit.

Today’s helmets are designed to be lightweight, stronger, and more comfortable.  A helmet will not only provide a rider with style, but also the proper protection to survive a crash.  Motorcyclists should ensure that their helmet is Department of Transportation or Snell Foundation certified.

The Gear Up, Texas! brochures are available from the TxDOT print shop in Austin, and will soon be available from your local TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist.