Texas Riders, Gear Up – Brochures Available

Gear Up TexasNew brochures, aimed at encouraging the use of proper personal protective equipment for motorcyclists, are available from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  Thanks to Ben Spies, a racer with the Pramac Racing Team in the FIM Moto GP World Championship and native Texan, for helping promote the right gear to Texas’ motorcycle riders.

The brochures encourage motorcyclists to wear:

  • A Proper Helmet
  • Proper Eye Protection
  • Jackets and Pants
  • Footwear
  • Gloves

Today’s helmets are designed to be lightweight, stronger, and more comfortable.  A helmet will not only provide a rider with style, but also the proper protection to survive a crash.  Motorcyclists should ensure that their helmet is Department of Transportation or Snell Foundation certified.

Proper eye protection is needed to shield riders’ eyes from outdoor elements and prevent blurry vision.  Goggles or glasses with shatterproof lenses and ventilation (to prevent the lenses fogging) should be chosen.

Clothing can protect riders from abrasion in crashes.  Pants and long sleeves should be made from leather or ballistic synthetic material.  The pants should not be baggy or flared, so they do not get tangled in the chains or foot pegs.

Footwear should protect feet, ankles and the lower part of a riders’ legs.  Additionally, the soles of the shoes should be non-slip to ensure good footing on the roadway, pegs and floorboards.

Lastly, gloves are essential to a motorcyclist.  Gloves allow for a better grip on the handle bars and protect against abrasion in a crash.  Leather and other special fabric gloves or gauntlet gloves are ideal choices.

Selecting a proper helmet, how to check the fit of your helmet, and other topics related to motorcycle safety featuring Ben Spies, will be available from TxDOT in the near future.

The Gear Up, Texas! brochures are available from the TxDOT print shop in Austin, and will soon be available from your local TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist.