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FM 545 to Hwy 78 to FM 68 back to Hwy 78

Route Summary

This North Texas ride offers plenty of sweepers and tight corners as it passes through tree-lined hills. Just outside the route, riders can stop at The Motorcycle Outpost in Westminster for gear, patches, restrooms, and water. Towards the southern portion of the route, you can find the Badlands Motocross Park in Celeste, which hosts Friday night motocross races.

This route had fatal and incapacitating crashes between 2010 – 2022. In Texas, drivers are not assigned “at fault” in a crash, but law enforcement can assign ‘factors or conditions’ that contributed or may have contributed to a crash. Multiple ‘crash factors and conditions’ can be assigned to one, some, or all vehicles involved in a crash.

The following tables represent data extracted from the Texas Department of Transportation’s Crash Records Information System (TxDOT’s CRIS).

Safety (2010-2022)
Serious Injuries
Top Weather Crash Condition
Top Lighting Crash Condition
Top Road Crash Condition

Crash Narrative Summary

The following list is a summary of the crash events and conditions that have been described by officers investigating crashes along this route. The investigating officer provides his/her opinion of how the crash happened and will emphasize or explain, as necessary, any pertinent facts that are not fully explained elsewhere on the crash report. This section is meant to supplement the above data tables by providing further insight and “clues” into what factors and conditions contributed or may have contributed to crashes along this route.

  • Crashes along this route tended to involve motorcyclists who failed to control speed or failed to drive in a single lane, traveled off roadway, and landed in a ditch. Several crashes involved riders who had been drinking or tested positive for drugs in their system.
  • 33% of crashes occurred along a curve.
  • 42% of motorcyclists did not have a proper motorcycle license. With multiple levels of training courses available in Texas, new riders in the basic courses don't feel intimidated by experienced riders, and experienced riders don't have to wait for beginners to catch up in the advanced courses. Choose the one that's right for you.
  • Not wearing your gear puts you at a high risk for losing skin to the road during a crash.
  • Research the gear that is available and buy the best you can afford. Do this before you buy extra chrome for your machine.
  • Weave your motorcycle back and forth within your lane as you approach the intersection. The lateral movement this creates is much easier for drivers to see than a single headlight moving slowly toward them.
  • 55% of motorcyclists were not wearing a helmet. In Texas, you have the freedom to choose to wear a helmet or not. Choose wisely.



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