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River Road alongside Guadalupe River

Route Summary

This 13-mile stretch of road twists its way alongside the beautiful Guadalupe River. The sweeping curves and sharp turns make this a popular route in the Canyon Lake area. There are plenty of campsites along the way and the River Road Ice House, where you can catch live music and stop for a bite to eat.

This route had fatal and incapacitating crashes between 2010 – 2022. In Texas, drivers are not assigned “at fault” in a crash, but law enforcement can assign ‘factors or conditions’ that contributed or may have contributed to a crash. Multiple ‘crash factors and conditions’ can be assigned to one, some, or all vehicles involved in a crash.

The following tables represent data extracted from the Texas Department of Transportation’s Crash Records Information System (TxDOT’s CRIS).

Safety (2010-2022)
Serious Injuries
Top Weather Crash Condition
Top Lighting Crash Condition
Top Road Crash Condition

Crash Narrative Summary

The following list is a summary of the crash events and conditions that have been described by officers investigating crashes along this route. The investigating officer provides his/her opinion of how the crash happened and will emphasize or explain, as necessary, any pertinent facts that are not fully explained elsewhere on the crash report. This section is meant to supplement the above data tables by providing further insight and “clues” into what factors and conditions contributed or may have contributed to crashes along this route.

  • Crashes along this route involved the tendency for motorcyclists to take curves at an unsafe speed causing the rider to strike guardrails, concrete curbs, or retaining walls in the process. Most riders came to land in the Guadalupe River. Excessive speed can lead to worse injuries in the event of a crash.
  • 33% of motorcycle operators were not wearing a helmet. Helmets have consistently proven to significantly reduce the severity of head injuries in the event of a crash. Contrary to some beliefs, helmets do not cause neck injuries.
  • The average blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the crashed riders was 0.20 – more than twice the legal limit! It takes time for the effects of alcohol to be cleared from your body. If you are going to drink, do so after the ride and do not get back on your bike.
  • 100% of crashes on this route occurred along curves in the roadway. Remember to control your speed in a curve. Get to the speed you want to maintain before entering the curve.
  • 89% of crashes were single vehicle crashes. Do not grow complacent when riding in rural areas, or areas without heavy traffic.
  • 66% of crashes had a crash contributing factor assigned as unsafe speed.



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