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2018 Motorcycle Safety Forum



What is TxDOT doing to address motorcyclist safety? TxDOT Motorcycle Program Update
Jude Schexnyder
, Traffic Safety Specialist, TxDOT

How can road curves be analyzed to improve motorcycle safety?
Eva Shipp
, TTI & Amber Trueblood, TTI

What roadside changes can be made to reduce motorcycle crashes?
Michael Manser

How to reduce drinking and riding? Recap/Group discussion
Cody Stewart

Viewing crashes from the other side – motorcycle accident reconstruction
James Paul Evans
, Evans Accident Reconstruction

2017 Motorcycle Safety Forum



Opening Remarks, Statewide Statistics 
Chris Beireis, Chair, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition

TxDOT Motorcycle Safety Update
Jude Schexnyder, Traffic Safety Specialist, TxDOT

Texas DPS & Rider Training Update
John Young, Program Director, TxDPS

Five-Year Crash Analysis Summary
Amber Trueblood, Crash Analysis Program, CTS, TTI

2016 Motorcycle Safety Forum


2015 Motorcycle Safety Forum

Videos from the 2015 Motorcycle Safety Forum:

2014 Motorcycle Safety Forum

Videos from the 2014 Motorcycle Safety Forum:

2013 Forum, February 22, 2013 in Waco

2012 Forum, February 6 in Bryan

2011 Forum, February 7 in Austin

2010 Forum, February 11 in Austin

2009 Forum, February 12 in Austin

2008 Forum, February 13 in Austin

2007 Forum, February 6 in Austin

2006 Forum, February 16 in College Station

This meeting was the first such gathering in Texas, bringing together safety advocates to discuss motorcycle safety issues and to identify strategies and opportunities for improving motorcycle safety for all Texas riders.

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