Frequently Asked Questions

When do most motorcycle crashes occur?
Most motorcycle crashes occur when a motorist turns left in front of the motorcyclist. Before proceeding through an intersection, motorists should always look left, look right, and look again.
What percentage of motorcycle crashes involve a collision with another vehicle?
As much as 75 percent of motorcycle crashes involve a collision with another vehicle, usually a passenger car.
What can motorists do to help increase safety for everyone on the road, especially motorcyclists?
The #1 thing motorists can do is be aware of motorcyclists, especially at intersections. Respect riders by giving them their fare share of the road. Maintain safe following and stopping distances, and slow down during poor driving conditions such as bad weather, nighttime, or where there’s poor road maintenance.
Motorcycles are smaller, so can’t I give them less space on the road?
Despite their size, motorcycles need as much driving space (and safety cushion) as automobiles do.
Why is motorist awareness of motorcyclists so important today?
More than 300,000 motorcycles and mopeds are registered in Texas today. Motorcycling is becoming the hobby of choice for many Texans, and that means more will be on the roads you drive. Being aware of these facts, and how they affect your driving behavior, is vital to improving road safety for everyone.