Proceed with Caution

Sharing the road doesn’t just mean driving on it together. It means giving others their fair share of it.

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles—small enough to go unnoticed, if you’re not careful. You can help save a life by staying alert, respecting motorcyclists, and avoiding dangerous situations whenever possible.

When Are Motorcycle Collisions Most Likely?

Bad weather. Poor road maintenance. Nighttime.

Driving in these conditions requires caution any time. And when motorcycles are on the road, be extra careful. Small objects in the road that you might simply pass over can prove deadly to motorcyclists. So if bad conditions exist, give riders more space to maneuver.

Take a little extra time, so everyone can get home safe.

Use Caution Ahead

Remember to drive extra cautiously:

  • Turning left
  • Changing lanes
  • In bad weather
  • In poor road conditions
  • When feeling fatigued.

Be alert. Drive aware. Save a life.