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What Motorists Can Do

Most motorcycle crashes occur when another driver turns in front of them.

With more than 431,000 motorcycles and mopeds registered in Texas—and that number growing by the year—more and more of our friends, relatives, and neighbors are taking to Texas roads. That means you’ll be even more likely to see riders on the roads you drive.

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The sobering stats

  • Motorcyclists account for 15 percent of all traffic-related deaths in Texas
  • 529 riders died in 2008, 31% more than in 2007
  • 50 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle
  • In over two-thirds of fatal vehicle-motorcycle crashes, the vehicle struck the front of the motorcycle while turning left, usually at an intersection
  • The driver either did not see the motorcyclist or didn’t see the motorcyclist in time to avoid a crash

See Traffic Safety Facts, Texas, 2003-2007 (PDF)

*Texas Department of Public Safety

So What Can I Do?

Look … then look again for motorcycles, especially when turning left.

Most motorcycle crashes occur when another driver turns in front of them. When you drive, you have an automobile wrapped around you specifically designed to help you survive a crash. Motorcyclists have a helmet and the clothes on their back. What can you do to help protect them?

  • Look longer for motorcycles, especially when turning left
  • Look for riders when pulling out on the road
  • Anticipate a motorcyclist’s maneuvers
  • Give motorcycles their full lane
  • Use signals when appropriate
  • Treat riders with courtesy and respect
  • Allow plenty of space when following a motorcycle
  • Watch for motorcycles in your blind spot
  • Maintain safe following and stopping distances
  • Slow down in poor driving conditions