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Drink. Ride. Lose. videos

Keith Rovell, Manager, Motorcycle Rental Houston Rider Training

“Change has to come from inside of a person. While we may try in classes to give out information to people, we try to do it in such a way that they arrive at a conclusion on their own.

The peer pressure involved … it’s so ingrained in the motorcycling culture, that this is going to be a hard nut to crack.

Michael Kellett, Motorcycle Enthusiast

“I’ve ridden with groups where I knew everybody in the group … and two or three out of a dozen people decide they’re going to drink a mixed drink. I’ve taken the opportunity to condemn that openly … you can do it in a constructive way, a way that is non-confrontational.

James Raymond Lock, Accident Reconstructionist and Highway Specialist

“I’ve been doing reconstructions on motorcycle crashes for thirty-five years now. And here lately I see a fatal or catastrophic injury motorcycle crash almost every week. If there’s any alcohol involvement, it raises a flag. You take an experienced rider, who suddenly becomes more like a beginner rider.

Jude Schexnyder, Department of Public Safety, Retired

“It’s impossible, no matter what anybody says, to beat these roadside sobriety tests. They are very telling, they are obvious to the officer, and once that officer has made the determination that the rider is intoxicated, they will be jailed.

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