Gear Up for Life

Don’t Lose Your Head

Just cover the skin you want to keep.

When you ride, just cover the skin you want to keep. But be aware that even low or no-speed falls can have devastating results, including death.

Wearing a helmet is the best way to save your life in a crash. But the helmet itself has to be safe. A helmet should:

  • Be DOT approved (look for the sticker),
  • Fit snugly,
  • Be securely fastened during your ride and
  • Be free of cracks, loose padding, frayed straps, exposed metal, or other defects.

In many cases, riding without a helmet is against the law. As for the rest of your riding gear, wear shatterproof eye protection, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants (preferably denim), heavy shoes or boots that cover your ankles, and full-fingered gloves. Just cover the skin you want to keep.

Maintain Your Ride

Keep up with maintenance on your motorcycle by checking tires and tire pressure, fluids, lights, and signal indicators. In addition to a motorcycle, serial, or vehicle identification number, Texas law requires the following equipment on motorcycles and motor driven cycles:

  • Wheel Assembly
  • Exhaust System
  • Tail Lamp
  • Stop Lamp
  • License Plate Lamp
  • Rear Red Reflector
  • Head Lamp
  • Horn
  • Mirror
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Tires

To improve safety, equip dual mirrors and multiple reflectors on your motorcycle.

Texas law requires the following equipment on mopeds:

  • Brake
  • Reflector
  • Head Lamp
  • Rear Lamp

Making sure your motorcycle is properly equipped will improve your odds of avoiding a crash or surviving one if it’s unavoidable.