What is The Course?

What You Might Not Know…

Did you know that riders with training crash less often and survive more often (when they do crash) than untrained riders? And they fared better than riders that were trained by a friend or relative. Everyone (not just those under the age of 18) is required to take The Course for Motorcycle Riders to qualify for a motorcycle driver’s license.

The Basic RiderCourse

The Basic RiderCourse is for new or inexperienced riders, and all riders wanting to improve their skills and have more fun riding. During The Course you’ll learn how to gear up for safety and you’ll practice maneuvering strategies for getting out of dangerous situations and avoiding them in the first place.

The Experienced RiderCourse

Aimed at experienced motorcyclists, the Experienced RiderCourse teams you with other riders. Everyone brings their own ride, gear, and experiences to class. You’ll learn advanced techniques for avoiding and surviving dangerous conditions, including high-speed maneuvering, traction control, and emergency braking.

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