Texas Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Operator Training Program

Who Needs The Course?

Riding a motorcycle isn’t like driving a car—and that’s why a lot of us ride. Motorcycle riding takes different skills, proper protective gear, and above all, a sharp mind. The Course for Motorcycle Riders presents the basics—riding in a straight line, turning, shifting and stopping—and then incorporates defensive riding skills that can give you the edge in unexpected situations. What you learn in The Course can save your life.

“I don’t have time for that.”
“I’ve got better things to do.”
“I’ve ridden for ___ years.” (fill in the blank)
“I know how to ride.”

Improve your odds of avoiding a crash. Learn how to enjoy riding even more—a lot more. Take the time to take The Course.

Who Needs The Course

Unless you’ve already had formal motorcycle safety training, take The Course.

You’ll need to take The Course if:

  • You’re under 18;
  • You’re a new or inexperienced rider (an advanced course is also available);
  • You’re unfamiliar with motorcycle laws in Texas;
  • You have riding experience but you want to do it better so it’s safer and more fun;
  • You value your life.

Become an Instructor

Want to pass along your riding wisdom? If you qualify to be a Motorcycle RiderCoach, you might just help save the life of a fellow motorcyclist. Go to the DPS’s Motorcycle Safety Unit page for an opportunity to teach what you love to do for fun.