Code of Conduct

Individuals attending coalition meetings are expected to behave professionally and in accordance with the code of conduct detailed below. Acting unprofessionally, aggressively, or disrespectfully toward other coalition members will not be tolerated. To enable coalition members to continue to work for the safety of all motorcyclists, those who fail to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the meeting and asked not to participate in future meetings, as a first step.

Our guidelines include the following general items but the Coalition, TxDOT, and TTI can adopt further items depending on circumstances.

1. Listen with an open mind. Everyone’s opinion has value in the discussion, so respect the value of differing opinions.

2. Let everyone participate. One speaker should speak at a time. Don’t cut other speakers off, and don’t talk over others when they’re talking.

3. Behave professionally. Harassment and sexist, racist, or exclusionary comments, jokes, or imagery are not appropriate. Harassment includes

  • sustained disruption of meetings, events, speakers, or members,
  • insulting or putting down other members,
  • inappropriate physical contact,
  • sexual attention or innuendo,
  • deliberate intimidation,
  • stalking,
  • photography or recording of an individual without consent, and
  • offensive comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.

4. Use social media responsibly. Don’t take video or photographs of individuals or post them to social media platforms without their knowledge and consent. Respect the individuals and groups attending the coalition meeting as well as the organization(s) hosting the meeting. Do not share the content of talks/slides via social media unless speakers have given specific permission to you to do so.

5. Support other participants. If you witness events of bullying, harassment, or aggression, show support of the affected person if you feel comfortable doing so. You might also suggest that the affected person report the inappropriate behavior to a coalition meeting coordinator. However, it is up to the affected person alone whether or not they wish to report it.